MAKER MAYHEM: Low Moments in How-To History

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Maker Mayhem #18

Mice Novelties: The thrill of the hunt. Truly inspired is a Maker who can turn a rodent infestation into a crafting opportunity, but if you’ve got a sharp knife, a steady hand, a strong constitution, don’t believe in karma, aren’t concerned about hantavirus pulmonary syndrome or hemorrhagic fever—and don’t mind being dismissed as a psychopath—crafting with mice could keep you busy every rainy afternoon for the rest of your life. This How-To dates from the early 1930s as The Great Depression still cast its shadow, and for Makers this meant making the most of what they had at hand. So, if life gives you rodents, make bookends—or a chess set. Or a pair of salt-and-pepper shakers. Embellish your

Maker Mayhem #17

Head Hunter String Holder: Decades before anyone thought to use the term “trigger warning” Safe to assume the Head Hunter in this application is not a white-collar employment recruiter, but a member of some ambiguously exotic indigenous tribe who takes no prisoners; either claiming the heads of his victims prior to a meal of human flesh, or as a souvenir of a victorious battle. What’s not entirely clear, however, is whether we’re looking at the head of the hunter or the hunted—but for the Maker compelled to repurpose their cottage cheese container with absolutely no regard for anthropological accuracy or concern for offending their head hunter friends, this How-To circa 1967 enhances one’s k

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