MAKER MAYHEM: Low Moments in How-To History

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Maker Mayhem #16

Indoor Shooting Gallery: Because guns are fun, it’s just that simple All boys love guns, so what kid wouldn’t want a motorized shooting gallery right in his own living room? It’s “just like the large ones at penny arcades,” says this How-To from 1959, but this project comes with added value: as the Maker, you’ll have the bonus of being the coolest dad on the block, because your son will be the envy of all his friends. You’ll also have the private satisfaction of knowing that you’ve trumped every other dad in the neighborhood and made them all feel like failures who don’t do cool things like build motorized shooting galleries for their kids. That’s a lot for a single DIY project to deliver. T

Maker Mayhem #15

Pantyhose Casserole Carrier: Potluck be a lady tonight There are few less appetizing marriages than the one of hosiery and hot casserole. This How-To from the pantyhose-crafting craze of the ‘80s is one in which dinner and webbed nylon unite by way of navy blue knee-highs. On that point alone, The Pantyhose Casserole Carrier deserves a special prize in the world of How-To misfires. To be clear, the instructions call for a pair of new pantyhose or knee-highs. But how would your party host really know that the puffy carryall housing tonight’s tuna noodle casserole wasn’t stitched together from expired office wear that had seen one too many humid July subway commutes? And what are the fungal ra

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