MAKER MAYHEM: Low Moments in How-To History

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Maker Mayhem #12

His & Hers Bedding: For the couple who needs to be reminded of their genders, even while they’re asleep Playing into the hands of unimaginative gift givers of the Cold War era, the “His & Hers” trend was a merchandizing strategy in the form of bath towels, coffee mugs, toothbrush sets, bedroom slippers, and the like, to cash in on the post-war marriage boom peaking from the mid-1950s to the early ‘60s. The genre later spoofed itself (His & Hers flasks, false teeth cups, toilet paper holders) and inspired a strain of third-rate gag gifts and adult novelties (His & Hers birth control kits, edible underwear, screwdriver sets). His & Hers bath towels were harmless enough, and almost anyone could

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