Alan Alda, Hollywood Wax Museum, 1995

Before/After, Los Angeles Wig Shop, 1986

Salvation Mountain, 2008

Storefront, Fresno, 1988

He Bites, Santa's Village, 1996

Roy Roger's taxidermied dog, Victorville, 1995

Nina Hagen, The Whiskey A Go Go, 1982

Michael J. Fox/Tin Foil Crotch, Hollywood Wax Museum, Triptych, 1995

Cabazon, 1994

Vibrator display, 1996

Bad Acid, Rock City, 1999

Storefront, Takayama, 2013

Piñata District, Los Angeles, 2008

Pieta, Hollywood Wax Museum, 1995

Santa's Village, 1999

Broadway, Los Angeles, 1995

Meat market, Los Angeles, 1995

Storefront, Fresno, 1989

Angelyne Billboard, Hollywood, 1994

The Lollypop Lady, Santa's Village, 1995

Prop studio, Los Angeles, 2008

Clifton's Cafeteria, Los Angeles, 1995

Burlesque Queen Dixie Evans, Exotic World, 1995

Salvation Mountain, 2008

Mice, 2008

The Last Supper, Hollwyood Wax Museum, 1995

The Gummy Glo Mermaids, Los Angeles, 1993

Antique Mall, Fresno, 1988

Pussycat Theater, Los Angeles, 1995

Jesus Saves, 2008

People, places, and things I found so inspiring I took pictures of them.